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Dr. Craig L. Ziering is the Founder and Medical Director of Ziering Medical with surgical facilities in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Las Vegas. His hair restoration practice is dedicated to providing men and women an in-depth education of all the safe and proven, surgical and non surgical, treatment for hair loss.

Not one to be content with the status quo, Dr. Ziering has always looked for new and better ways to improve his patient’s experience and result. Seeking a way to improve on the slow, expensive back and forth process of multiple small micro-mini graft sessions, Dr. Ziering helped pioneer and promote Microscopic Follicular Unit Grafting, a procedure that allows up to 10,000 individual hairs to be transplanted in one surgery session. Whether it’s a surgical technique, precision instruments, a patient-inspired surgical table, or an ergonomically engineered microscope designed to improve the quality of follicular unit dissection and increase graft survivability, Dr. Ziering’s contributions to the field of hair restoration continue to set new standards for quality results and patient care. All Ziering OR’s are equipped with Ziering technology designed specifically for hair transplant surgery.

Recognizing that people have quite different hair growth patterns at the back of their heads, Dr. Ziering set about to classify these patterns and then to develop surgical hair restoration techniques to recreate them. In 2003, Dr. Ziering was recognized by his peers at the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) for his Whorl Hair Classification System being awarded the prestigious, “Most Original New Idea” at that year’s scientific assembly. Today, the award-winning Ziering Whorl is revolutionizing the way back of the head baldness is treated.

Dr. Ziering originated the concept and surgical technique of TrichoSculpture in which each hair restoration procedure is approached as a work of art, a living 3D sculpture with the hair restoration being uniquely designed based on the patient’s facial features and bone structure. TrichoScultpure combines the most advanced medical technology and surgical techniques with the classical principles of art to achieve a natural look that strengthens and slims the face by adding balance and symmetry.

Born in Queens, NY, Dr. Ziering received his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Nova Southeastern University in Miami, Florida and completed his residency at Ohio University’s Grandview Medical Center, Dayton, Ohio. After completing a Fellowship in Hair Restoration with Medical Hair Restoration in Orlando, Dr. Ziering became the Associate Medical Director at MHR for a period of ten years before founding his private practice, Ziering Medical. Dr. Ziering is certified by both the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology. A Past President of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, Dr. Ziering serves on advisory boards for various companies including Merck and Lexington International as well as the New Beauty magazine Editorial Advisory Board, and the scientific advisory board of Histogen (Regenerative Medicine). Additionally, he is part of the Surgical Faculty for the Procedural Dermatology Fellowship at the University of California at Irvine, the Dermatology Faculty, Western University/Pacific Hospital, Long Beach, California and the Michigan State University Dermatology Faculty. As a recognized expert in the art and science of hair transplant surgery, Dr Ziering is a frequent guest on television and radio programs, including the Today Show, Extra, E! and was invited to perform the very first hair transplant procedure on ABC’s hit show, Extreme Makeover.

Hair Restoration is Dr. Ziering’s passion, and he continues to be active in the industry through ongoing education and research in the U.S. and abroad, serving frequently as a guest surgeon and lecturer, and as Primary Investigator in various clinical trials involving cloning and stem cell research. Affectionately known by his patients as Dr. Z, he considers himself privileged to be a part of changing people’s lives, personally and professionally. His patients find in him a caring doctor who recognizes their sensitivity to their hair loss and who desires to provide them with quality, compassionate care throughout their whole hair restoration journey.

Dr. Ziering is recommended by The American Hair Loss Association

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